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Coome is a brand full of travelling stories.

It's a brand that grows from the courage and strength of traveling,

exploring and experiencing.Our brand collects favors from the young generation born in the 1990s,

who shared almost similar hobbies and interests of traveling. Our brand's purpose is to define their taste and produce fashion items that can fit their styles and fulfill their daily fashion demands.We set our theme"on the road" and connect our customers into a diverse cultural group.

We want to be able to play against the obsolete rule in the industry,and create our own unique style and district way of collaboration.We want to establish a Coome society that attracts people from all around the world that enjoy traveling, furthermore can learn from traveling.

Coome claims to "learn and grow from every trip,every travel experience,every journey".


Coome encourages all young groups in their 20s to explore the hidden meaning behind a journey and derive life lessons from its process.

As Coomers are traveling,we will be able to connect with different cultural groups,and appreciate various ethical characteristics.

We make our trip unique,meaningful and therefore valuable.A precious travel experience,

leaves us not only pleasant memories,bur moreover,

an unexpected growth on our mental ages,a giant leap on our physical barriers.